Welcome & Statement from Mayor London Breed

- Welcome to Mayor London Breed- August 2018 -

Arts for a Better Bay Area welcomes and congratulates newly elected Mayor, London Breed, on her post as the chief leader of our dynamic and beautiful City by the Bay. We also thank Mayor Breed and her office for her statement addressing the arts community, in response to our welcome. Please find the statement, here.

As an arts and culture advocacy organization working to increase resources, information, and more equitable opportunities for artists and organizations, our wish is to work alongside Mayor Breed, the new Mayoral priorities, and continued mission to increase arts and youth resources and opportunities in San Francisco.

We are pleased to acknowledge Mayor Breed’s championship and leadership in the arts for over ten years as the Executive Director of the African American Arts & Culture Complex and her continued support as Supervisor working to secure and maintain resources and increase parity for artists and organizations.

Recently, Mayor Breed announced support of arts and culture and understanding of the importance they play in transforming lives and building new opportunities for youth. Mayor Breed also feels that arts and culture can and should play an important role and be at the forefront of how we do business in San Francisco, this includes working to increase affordable housing for artists.

Once again, the arts community welcomes Mayor Breed. We look forward to working in partnership to increase opportunities for artists, youth, and the organizations serving our City.


Arts for a Better Bay Area

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