November 2022 Election ~ San Francisco D6 Candidates on Arts & Culture

With the San Francisco general election coming up fast (November 8th!), we want to ensure you learn about District 6 Supervisor candidates' vision and support of local arts & culture. As San Francisco's District 6 holds one of the largest arts and culture communities, we want you to be informed about their actions, vision, and support of the local arts and culture scene and industry. Please continue to access their responses to our questionnaire. 


We asked the D6 Candidates the following questions:

  1. District 6 has one of the City's largest artist communities; how will you support artist communities that are struggling in a post-pandemic economy?
  2. If you become supervisor of District 6, how will you support the entertainment businesses in your district that have been affected by the pandemic?
  3. How will you support cultural equity in District 6, especially in communities with a long district history, such as the Filipino-American community?
  4. With many vacant storefronts and office spaces throughout the City and much in D6, what are your thoughts on how the arts can help to revise the district, spur civic engagement and help revitalize the area? Do you feel the arts and artists can play a role in this? To what level?

Completed Questionnaire from Candidates

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We thank the D6 Supervisor candidates, Matt Dorsey and Honey Mahogany, for responding to these four questions to share with the arts & culture community and the public! Please find the response to the first question from each candidate below. To access all of their answers, download the candidate questionnaire document to review their thoughts and ideas. 

Question 1: District 6 has one of the City's largest artist communities; how will you support artist communities that are struggling in a post-pandemic economy?


Matt Dorsey
Honey Mahogany
"Art has always been a hallmark of San Francisco's culture and growth. The arts have and are playing a primary role in our city's economy, especially our post pandemic economy. I have fully supported Mayor Breed prioritizing the arts as a big part of our covid recovery efforts over the past few years as well. The city pivoted its funding to support individual artists especially during the pandemic. This led to funding major arts projects throughout the city to activate our open space and shared space programs. However, during the pandemic artists took to the streets to transform blank building walls into canvases for paint. Murals began to appear with messages of hope and perseverance. Artists used art to return spirit back to the city through public displays of art and performances. I support ongoing efforts to prioritize artist and community art organizations throughout our city."
"As a long time artist/performer I am a strong supporter of the arts. As a founder of the Transgender District, co-author and proponent of 2018’s Prop-E: Arts for Everyone, a YBCA-100 Honoree, and a venue owner in SOMA (hoping to re-open here) I have a firm commitment to the arts and will do everything I can to see them flourish in District 6. This includes finding more ways to empower and pay artists for their work. While in the District 6 Office as a legislative aide and Chief of Staff to Matt Haney, I helped direct funding to several place making activities (art on light boxes, murals, art on Big Belly trash cans, and more) throughout the district. I also directed funds to arts activities such as street festivals and cultural events that both help maintain the history of art and culture in District 6, and also help ensure that it is growing into the future."

All Responses from Candidates


All Responses from Candidates


Thank you for taking the time to read and review the candidates' responses. Please share this information with your friends, family, colleagues, and networks! Please make sure to add your voice and vote!

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