Proposition E Campaign Support Ideas

Proposition E requires 2/3rds vote to pass and needs the community's support to inform, educate and engage the public on the importance of passing the measure. Proposition E, if passed will benefit the entire City and all who visit by increasing arts and culture opportunities for all.

Here are some ideas on how you or your organization can get involved to support the Proposition E campaign. The sky's the limit, you can recommend some ways to inform, and engage your networks, too!

Artists or arts supporters:

  • Volunteer to share information about the proposition E at one of the campaign's listed public events, in your neighborhood, or events or locations your recommend
  • Phone banking
  • Share information with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues - ask them to help
  • If you know of any directors or leaders of arts organizations in San Francisco, ask them to endorse the measure to add to our growing list of organizations.
  • Host an informational meet-up or session
  • Record a short video testifying why the measure is important to you (contact: [email protected])
  • Donate and/or ask your contacts to support
  • Have an idea? Share your thoughts on how to help the campaign!



  • Endorse the measure if you have not and ask your partners to
  • Add information on the proposition to your programs
  • Introduce your programs, performances, and events with a short pitch to ask for support of the Proposition
  • Host an informational session at your venue/s
  • Include information about the measure in your newsletters
  • Ask your leadership and constituents to help spread the word, volunteer or donate.
  • Record a short video testifying why the measure is vital to your organization (contact: [email protected])
  • Donate to support the campaign
  • Have an idea? Share your thoughts on how to help the campaign!


Campaign links


* Not sure if your organization if a nonprofit can endorse or advocate for a local measure? Nonprofits can and should work to create change! We cannot offer official legal advice, but you can find many details through this organization. ABBA also posted an article on nonprofit advocacy details, found here.

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