Prop S: Allocation of Hotel Tax Fund - "The Arts & End Family Homelessness" Initiative | San Francisco 2016 Election

UPDATE: September 14, 2016

Sample Messaging - Prop S & Arts + Families Town Hall  (PDF) 

UPDATE: August 29,2016

Vote S to Stabilize Artists and Homeless Families

Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds Summary

Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds Full legal Text

(KQED) SF Arts and Homeless Organizations Join Forces to Secure More City Funding May 27, 2016

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Sample Messaging

EVENT/PROJECT: Arts + Families Town Hall, September 2016


AUDIENCE: To Coalition Members



[Subject] JOIN ME: Let’s Build the Arts + Families Town Hall Audience

Dear staff,

I invite you to join me in attending the Arts + Families Town Hall, taking place on Tuesday, September 27th at YBCA Theater from 6pm to 8pm.

This event is being produced by a coalition of organizations in support of Proposition S, of which we are one. It will be an opportunity for us to gather, educate, and organize ourselves around Proposition S as well as the other propositions on the SF ballot this year that will impact our work. We will hear from proponents of many of the measures, and there will be opportunities to learn about how we, as individuals and as an organization, can support them.

 As you may have heard from me already, this is a historic year for us in San Francisco; among the many (25!) measures on the ballot are many that could make a very real difference to our organization, so it's more important than ever that we learn about them. The event is free and open to the public, so I encourage you to share this with others you know who are passionate about our work and this city.


More about Prop S:






Join us for the ARTS + FAMILIES TOWN HALL on Tuesday September 27th to learn how to have your November vote COUNT. This will be an evening of gathering, educating, and organizing ourselves around Proposition S and other local ballot measures that will impact the arts and family homelessness communities. Hope to see you there! RSVP:


#ArtsandFamsTownhall  - YBCA Theater - 9/27 - 6pm-8pm. Join us there to learn how to make your vote COUNT. 

#YesOnS #ArtsandFamsTownhall


AUDIENCE: For artist-serving organizations (messages targeted toward artists)



Facebook / Email:

Calling all San Francisco #artists! Amplify your voice at the annual Arts Town Hall — an opportunity to speak directly with district supervisor candidates about the issues that matter most to you. Let’s keep support for the #arts on the agenda in this year’s elections. Join us this Monday, September 12 at @YBCA.


Calling all #artists! Amplify your voices at the Arts Town Hall at @ybca this Tue. 9/27  #artisapublicgood

The Arts Town Hall is an opportunity for district supervisor candidates to hear from #SF #artists. Join us at @ybca Tue. 9/27


AUDIENCE: For art and cultural organizations (messages targeted toward the general public/arts supporters)



Facebook or Email Blast:

Show your support for the #arts by participating in the Arts Town Hall this Monday, September 22 at @YBCA! Hear directly from district supervisor candidates about their plans to preserve the vital role of the #arts in making this city so unique. Bring a friend and your questions!


Show your support for the #arts by joining the Arts Town Hall this Mon, Sept 22! Bring your questions for supervisor candidates.




Town Hall

  • Arts + Families Town Hall will take place on Tuesday, September 27that YBCA Theater at 6pm.

  • For you, members of our community, it will be an opportunity to learn how to make your vote count this November.

  • You'll hear from proponents of various measures, especially Proposition S, the arts + family homelessness funding ordinance, which we support.

  • Join me there to learn, join me there to gather with our broader community, and join me there for the future of this city.

Prop S

  • Restore the initial purpose of the Hotel Tax Fund, created in 1960s

    • To support SF’s vulnerable populations - artist & homeless families

  • Would allocate a percentage of the Hotel Tax Fund to go to:

    • 17% to the arts by 2020 (SF Arts Commission, Neighborhood Arts Program, Cultural Equity Endowment, and Grants for the Arts)

    • 3.6% will establish new Ending Family Homelessness Fund

  • Requires a 2/3rds majority vote


Questions / Comments about Prop S or the Arts + Families Town Hall: info(at)betterbayarea(dot)org



Screen_Shot_2016-06-16_at_12.52.00_PM.pngFor the first time in decades the people of San Francisco have the opportunity to collectively advocate for the public value of the arts through the ballot. This month the possible measures for the November Ballot have been announced, among them is the "Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds," informally known as the Arts and Families Initiative.

ABBA is gauging membership support and understanding of this measure as it is critically connected to the a vibrant bay area creative ecosystem. Even if you do not vote in SF, because of the interconnectedness of the Bay Area, we encourage you to still participate.

Help us reach our goal of 200 Bay Area arts practitioners participating in the survey by July 1st, 2016


Member Survey: To better understand our membership and knowledge gaps or strengths we are releasing this membership Survey. By completing the Survey you are signing up to ABBA's Community membership level and will be followed up with to complete the membership process. Details on ABBA membership 

From Arts United SF:

Despite our booming economy arts organizations of all sizes can no longer pay rent in the neighborhoods they have been in for decades, and one in 25 children in the San Francisco Unified School District are homeless because many San Francisco families are being pushed into homelessness. Arts organizations, leaders, centers, artists, and activists are joining forces with homelessness advocates in San Francisco to protect artists and arts organizations struggling to stay open and to address our homelessness crisis.

The San Francisco Arts and Families Funding Ordinance will restore critical funding to our city’s arts community and provide funds to help homeless families get and stay off the streets by dedicating a percentage of revenue collected from the hotel tax without raising taxes.

The hotel tax in San Francisco was the first in the nation originally created to fund the arts, and later provided for low-income housing. We’re now restoring it to its original purpose to help the most vulnerable citizens and struggling organizations of San Francisco.

San Franciscans for the Arts & Ending Family Homelessness - Prop S Website

(SF Chronicle) Arts, homeless advocates file SF ballot measure for more funding May 27, 2016

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