Board of Supervisor Candidates: DISTRICT 3 - Tim Donnelly

DISTRICT 3 - Tim Donnelly

How would you describe the specific impact of artists and arts organizations on the life of our City?  Please use at least one example of the arts changing lives or communities.

Art is important for the enjoyment of life. Growing up in the City there were plenty of bands playing everywhere, including neighborhood garages. I believe the abundance and quality of music we had inspired many to pursue musical careers, and to play music for the enjoyment of it.

How will you ensure that San Francisco’s historically underserved communities are able to access the full benefits of the arts and resources for creative and community expression?

I believe we need to have after-school programs that offer Art and Music, to enrich our youth and find that hidden talent. It would also benefit working parents to have their kids engaged in a safe and healthy activity after school.

Over the past year the arts have been utilized to improve safety and protect the environment. For example, artist studios have activated vacant buildings. Murals have highlighted bike corrals and warned residents about the dangers of pollution. Name one or two ways you would leverage the work of artists and arts organizations to cultivate vibrant neighborhoods and achieve civic priorities.

I have always appreciated how murals have beautified otherwise dreary facades, and have told important stories. They could and should be utilized more for their beauty and for delivering a message.

Research shows that students with an arts-rich education have better grade point averages, lower drop-out rates, and score better on standardized tests in reading and math. How will you ensure every San Francisco student is provided a robust arts education in school and has access to ample opportunities to engage in art outside of school?

I guess I answered this already. Our students should have every opportunity to develop all of their talents. Be it education, dance, music of various forms of art. It affords them confidence and opens up worlds of possibilities and friendships.

How will you improve affordable housing and tenant protections, both for low income and middle class San Franciscans? Do you support artist-specific affordable housing? Why or why not?

I believe our required affordable housing should be prioritized to allow those who we want most to be here, to be able to afford to stay. Teachers and first responders for example. Rather than a random lottery, perhaps positive influence for their community should be taken into account. I think this City is getting quite crowded already. We should be more selective about what get built and where, as well as what it displaces. I think Oakland needs at least 100,000 more people to be the vibrant city they want to be. They have plenty of room, especially to the west, which is a faster commute to downtown SF, than many of our own neighborhoods. This would also take the pressure off of our own housing stock.

What can the City do to address skyrocketing rents -- for office, studio, rehearsal and performance spaces -- for artists, arts groups and other nonprofits?

Again I answered the question already. (I should read the whole thing first) Aside from the win-win of developing Oakland, we need to expand our rent control to include newer buildings, single- family homes and businesses.

Do you support the SF Arts and Families Funding Ordinance, restoring allocations of some Hotel Tax revenues to the City’s arts agencies and resources to prevent family homelessness?  Why or why not?

I support the use of hotel tax for the arts. I believe we need to get better bang for our buck with regards to City spending. We need to closely audit our service providers to see that best use of the funds, are happening.

Private development in some portions of the City must set aside 1% of their construction budget for art, or support for arts facilities.  Would you support extending that 1% for art requirement on new development to the entire city?  Why or why not?

I wish new buildings would spend the money to look like something we want in our neighborhood. We are losing our charm. Design beautiful buildings and put our artists to work making them appealing.

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