Arts Enabler Awardees 2018 Spotlight Series - Tracy Camp

Tracy Camp, Actor & Educator (Advocacy/Activism)

Bio: Tracy Camp is an actor/singer and a tenured mathematics instructor at Laney College in Oakland. Mainly focusing on musical theater, she has performed all over the Bay Area as well as in Colorado and other parts of California.

Some favorite projects over the years include the role of Bess in Porgy and Bess at the Aurora Fox, Hannah/Rose in A Civil War Christmas at TheatreWorks, Show Boat at San Francisco Opera, and Caroline, or Change at Pacific Conservatory Theatre. Although performing and teaching are huge passions for her, Tracy's most pressing passion currently is raising her black teenage son while working to create a world that is equitable for him.


Why do you do the work that you do?: “Entertainment and media are widely responsible for the biases (many subconscious) that cloud people's judgment when relating to others, and these sorts of biases lead to many of the horrors of the world including impunity for people who kill unarmed black men/children and light sentences for the perpetrators of sexual assault on women/girls. This work for me is a matter of life and death for my son, for myself, and for all the other people in the world who suffer injustice because of implicit bias.”

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