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Status of Bay Area Nonprofit Space & Facilities
 - 3/16
First regional report on nonprofit displacement, from Northern California Grantmakers
2015 Portfolio: Culture Across Communities - 11/5/15
11-city report on the cultural sector released by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Findings include the Bay Area's strong gains in revenue (+25.9%) as well as the biggest growth in contributed revenue (+39.7%) of any region despite a decrease in individual giving (-20.9%). 

City and County of San Francisco Budget & Legislative Analyst: Review of Public Art Programs 10/29/15
Report on the City and County of San Francisco's public art requirements of Planning Code Section 429 and Administrative Code Section 3.19, including a history and overview of the requirements, and an analysis of historic spending and the types of public art produced. 
City and County of San Francisco Working Group on Nonprofit Displacement: Report and Recommendations -5/13/14
City and County of San Francisco Budget and Legislative Analyst: Analysis of Grants for the Arts Historical Funding - 10/10/14


Recent Articles

Investing In Shared Space For Nonprofits Needs To Be A Priority
 - 3/9/16
A Boom Year For Bay Area Visual Arts - 3/2/16 
City Cracks Down On Landlords Leasing Industrial Space For Offices - 3/15/16
Candidates to do Palace of Fine Arts Winnowed to 3 -10/28/15
Heritage District Would Honor Filipino-Americans in SF's South of Market - 10/27/15
SF Planning 101: How Community Input Affects the Building Process - 11/29/15


Legislative Updates

Report on the Impact of the Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Fund
Memo from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development on the impact, so far, of the $4.515m fund. - 3/15/16
Memo from Recreation and Parks detailing the selection and scoring process for Palace of Fine Arts proposals and the outreach moving forward. 11/19/15
City Property for Arts Use Ordinance directing the Director of Property to create an inventory of City property that 4 may be appropriate for temporary and occasional use by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. - 4/6/01


Foundation & Funder Reports

San Francisco Arts Commission Grants 1st Annual Grants Convening - An overview of the SFAC's grants programs including distribution of funds and community feedback. 4/2/15


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