2016 Priorities

In 2016, ABBA was organized by part time staff and the evolving Team of Stewards. Programs/events were developed and created through 2016 Program Committees: Building Public Will, Cultural Space, and Arts Budget; and, Operations and Communications / Documentation Committee. For 2017, the staff and Stewards continue to focus on objectives and goals identified by the 2016 Committees but are not operating individual Committees at this time. 


  • The Arts Budget Committee continues where the Arts Budget Coalition left off Summer 2015 by tracking and analyzing municipal funding and developing cross sector partnerships based on the 2015–16 Budget and Policy Recommendations.

  • The Building Public Will Committee develops effective and grassroots community outreach and education around arts advocacy and policy.

  • The Cultural Space Committee develops and implements preservation strategies for cultural spaces and artist housing.

  • The Operations Committee develops a core of internal and external practices and processes that keep ABBA sustainable as a project and movement based effort.

  • The Communications/Documentation Committee works to build a robust online Commons that will act as a hub for resource & knowledge sharing and to connect & amplify existing arts advocacy networks/efforts.


Want to know even more about ABBA and the coalition building process? Read our three page HISTORY here.

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